Alpine Elements


63% CTR

52% less CPA

85% more Conv


For more than 18 years Alpine Elements is creating unforgettable experiences for active people. Takes over 23.000 people away to France, Austria and Greece each year. This multi-million tour operator trusted me to manage their SEO and PPC campaigns.


Alpine Element’s success is based in search presence. The PPC channel (Adwords mostly) is the largest sales funnel for the tour operator. Spending almost £500.000 per year the objectives were clear:

  • Decrease the Cost Per Conversion
  • Bring more business through Adwords


When I took over the account (from a well-known PPC agency), I identified issues which were draining the budget without the desirable return. Namely, phrase-match keyword targeting was eating up large amount of spend in unrelated keywords. The Cost per Conversion was over £54 and the Click through rate was slightly over 4%.

  • Narrowed down the ad groups using SKAQs.
  • Expanded the Negative Keyword list
  • Changed the bidding strategy as long as the Avg. Search Position
  • Doing A/B ad copy tests by-weekly

…had a result


Within the first month the account was performing way better. I increased the CTR from 4% to 6.7% across all search campaigns. Using effective Ad Copies and Bidding Strategies the Conversion Rate was up while the Cost per Conversion was down by almost 60%.