114% more CTR

28% less CPA

119% more Conv


Since 2006 iGO SKi has been taking skies and snowboarders on ski weekends and short break ski holidays in the French and Austrian Alps. A tight niche with a lot of competition in Google Search.


iGOSki operates in a niche that is –as I said- tight but expensive. The average searches per month are just over 50.000 and the CPC was before I take over £1.20+. iGOSki is one of the best ski weekends provider so the objectives here were:

  • Get more of the market share and
  • Increase conversions through generic search terms


When I took over the account I identified issues which were causing high CPC without the desirable return. I.e. Ag Groups with hundreds of keywords in Phrase Match with Quality Score 3-6/10. The Cost per Conversion was about £71 and the Click through rate was slightly over 7%.

  • Consulted and implemented Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Expanded the Negative Keyword list
  • Changed the bidding strategy for top position.
  • Doing A/B ad copy tests by-weekly
  • Focus on High Converting key-phrases


Within the first few weeks the clicks were up but the CPC was down cause of the SKAGs and the 10/10 Quality Score. I increased the CTR from 7% to 16% across all search campaigns. Using effective Ad Copies and Bidding Strategies the Conversion Rate was up while the Cost per Conversion was down by £20!